Petition for moratorium on new bars

Over the past several weeks, neighbours have been working together to organize a petition to create a temporaty moratorium on new bars in the area (Queen St, from Dovercourt to Gladstone), during which time the city can do a study to figure out what needs to be done to reconcile bar concentration with the needs of neighbours. We have around 250 signatures so far, and will be presenting them soon to city council

You can read an FAQ about the petition here. (Portuguese version coming soon…)

Here’s the actual petition text:

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the numbers of bars on Queen West, in the area from Dovercourt to Gladstone. We believe the current concentration of bars makes it difficult for neighbours to enjoy their homes in peace, and contributes to problems including noise from patrons, loud music, vandalism, parking issues, and other problems. We believe it is not in the public interest to allow more bars in this area.

For these reasons, we request that the city pass an interim control bylaw, to create a temporary moratorium on new bars on Queen St from Dovercourt to Gladstone, and investigate long-term solutions to this serious and increasing problem.

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