New FAQ, and some research on other cities

A couple of new pages are up:

FAQ on our neighbourhood

Residents around Queen/Beaconsfield have been working for months with the city to try and get regulations that address some of the concerns around the concentration of bars in our area. We’ve posted a new list of  Frequently-Asked Questions about this.

How bar concentration is handled in other cities

Sometimes it’s suggested that limiting the number of bars that can open in an area is in aomeway anti-urban or anti-nightlife. People who take this position often say “Don’t you want Toronto to be a vibrant exciting city?” and suggest that if you want to live somewhere where nightlife is regulated, you should move to a small town or a suburb.

We wanted to see how bar density is handled in other big cities, especially cities known for their nightlife. We did research on the three biggest cities in the US (New York, LA, Chicago), the two next-biggest cities in Canada (Montral and Vancouver) as well as London, Berlin, and San Francisco. What we found was:

In very big cities around the world, including cities that are world-famous for their nightlife, there are regulations that recognize that overstaturation of bars in an area is a problem, and that limit bar density.

Toronto has no such regulations, allowing an area to turn into a bar monoculture.

Read the research on bar concentration regulations in other cities.


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