About the residents association and this blog

Who we are

The Queen Beaconsfield Residents association is a very informally organized group of around 60 people most of whom live within a block or two of the corner of Queen and Beaconsfield in  Toronto –  the West-Queen-West  area just east of Parkdale.

How We Came to be
The group was formed in the spring of 2005, in response to the proposed opening of a large late-night patio at the Beaconsfield, and, especially, in response to the frustrations dealing with the municipal and provincial governments around this license. Members of our group found it almost impossible to get accurate information, and mechanisms that were supposed to provide public input into the process were tremendously hard to use.

In the end, with the help of our Councilor, an agreement was worked out with the Beaconsfield. The bar is doing well, and many residents are reasonably happy with the arrangement. Perhaps most importantly, after a pretty antagonistic start, the bar and residents now get along well as neighbours, avoiding problems though good communication, and working together to find ways to coexist happily.

About this blog

This blog is an attempt to share information about problems related to bars and bar concentration, primarily in our neighbourhood, but also throughout Toronto.

You can read a bit more about the group at www.QueenBeaconsfield.com

4 Responses to “About the residents association and this blog”

  1. Welcome to the QBRA blog « Queen/Beaconsfield Residents Association Says:

    […] posted a short introduction to our group. We’ve also posted some tips about what you can do if you have problems with […]

  2. Katya McLoughlin Says:

    Hello all:

    As the operator of Beaconsfield B & B, I was happy when the Drake
    arrived so my guests had somewhere nice to go nearby. But I agree since then too many liquor licenses have been granted not to mention condo building permits! It’s all too much, too soon!

    Thank you, QBRA members who are active in attempting to curb all the unwanted developments. Please put my name on the list!

  3. Anna Kral Says:


    My name is Anna Kral and I am a graduate student at York University. I am currently working on completing my Master in Environmental Studies focusing on Urban Planning. My research has to do with the inclusivity versus exclusivity of community members in the planning process in the West Queen West neighbourhood. I would love to have a member of your residents’s association or any resident of the area that is interested take part. All it would require would be one hour of your time for an interview and then possibly a subsequent half hour group interview (about 5 people). The questions that I would ask would deal directly with the change that is occurring in the west end of the West Queen West neighbourhood and what could be done to get the community more involved in the planning process. If you are interested in taking part I would greatly appreciate it. From this study I will write my Major Paper which will include recommendations on ways to change the process to be more inclusive. Subsequently the document will be sent to the City of Toronto Planning Department for consideration.

    You can contact me at anna.kral@gmail.com or at 647-262-6545 anytime.

    Thank you in advance.
    Anna Kral

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