List of bars in the Queen/Beaconsfield area

Here’s a list of bars on the four blocks from Dovercourt to Gladstone on Queen Street West

Bars(*) so far

  • Nyood 1096 Queen Street West
  • Nyood Bar (proposed) 1096a Queen Street West
  • The Social 1100 Queen Street West
  • Lot 16 1136 Queen Street West
  • The Drake Hotel 1150 Queen Street West
  • The Beaconsfied 1154 Queen Street West
  • Nolita Pub Eatery (proposed) 1166 Queen St West
  • The Cock and Tail 1168 Queen St West
  • Midpoint (awaiting licence) 1180 Queen St West
  • The Kitchen 1186 Queen Street West
  • The Beaver 1192 Queen Street West
  • Unit 1198 Queen Street West
  • The Gladstone Hotel 1214 Queen Street West

(*) Some of these places operate only as bars; most operate as restaurants early in the evening, and bars later. For the purposes of the concerns of the residents association, a bar is any place where you’re likely to find a lot of people drinking (and not eating) late at night.

One Response to “List of bars in the Queen/Beaconsfield area”

  1. Megan Says:

    Hi, we are a new bar on Queen West, 1166. We are called Savoy.

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